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The Merry Month of May

I’ve given in and ordered more tomato seeds – the first seedlings succumbed to wind and cold temperatures. The second batch may not do any better but at least I’ll have tried. Meanwhile the chickens are awaiting their new (and expensive) run. I was going to build one but then I threw my back out so in the interest of time, predator prevention, and getting other things done I got out my credit card.

A rhubarb crisp is in the oven as I write, technically the first produce of Short Meadow this year. The rhubarb, of course, has gone on the to-do list as it needs to be moved. At least it should be rabbit and deer proof! The deer wandered through my raised beds (on the patio) so now it’s draped in deer netting and looks like a strange trampoline. They didn’t eat anything but mashed up the ground fairly well. I’m now thinking on how to have an earthquake-safe walled garden.

Meanwhile the Illustrator collection continues to grow – the above being a new experiment in water color brushes. It’s just a quick sketch will go no further than this website. In time, I hope to have things that show some mastery if not art.


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