The first year

The first year of Short Meadow as a house, a project, and a way of life is officially complete. A lot got done and a lot didn’t!  Some projects, like the raised garden beds have informed on new projects – it’s simply too windy here and a hoop greenhouse is going to be required for any real vegetable production.  There is an unbounded lack of constraint that is perhaps even more challenging than trying to garden a city lot. How do you plant a windbreak without blocking the mountain view? How far am I willing to walk to pick a salad for dinner? I’m so glad I made the move, I would encourage anyone dreaming of someday escaping to the country to break down some of the paradigms and see if it isn’t really possible now.

It is also cherry season. A little later than last year due to the cold spring but perfectly aligned with the 4th of July holiday. This morning, picking what I believe are Queen Anne, (anyone who knows better can correct me in the comments) was like picking drops of pink lemonade on a beautifully sunny day. A previous batch has gone into the Excalibur 2000 (dehydrator) and some truly amazing cherry chocolate chip ice cream.  Most of these are destined for the freezer so that sunshine can be eaten in midwinter in front of the roaring fire.

Ella turned seven a few weeks ago (but still acts like she’s two) and finally had surgery this past weekend to remove her anal glands. Two days in the cone of shame was all she could endure – it was supposed to stay on for two weeks. Since removing it herself behind my back she’s been making a full recover and bouncing even more than she was before. No more bimonthly trips to the vet! Something we both will be celebrating.

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