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Surviving a Broken Ankle Part 2

This being my first broken ankle and only my second broken bone, much of this may be old hat to those with more experience but I’ll say it anyway. Pie heals. If homemade pie isn’t possible and it probably isn’t, I highly recommend the Willamette Valley Pie Company (they ship and have really fabulous crust.) Once I knew I’d have to use a walker for more than a week, I tricked it out on Amazon. The items have helped with mobility and the color with…

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Surviving a Broken Ankle Part 1

It may sound like a platitude, in fact I know it does. It’s still true though. Patience is the number one requirement for getting through a broken ankle with grace. And the surest way to patience (or at least a sufficient amount of the stuff) is true and genuine gratitude for the things that went right in spite of what went wrong. Here’s my top 5 list, yours may vary which is more than okay – it’s not about being politically correct, just genuine. Emergency…

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