Surviving a Broken Ankle Part 1

Emergency Room

It may sound like a platitude, in fact I know it does. It’s still true though. Patience is the number one requirement for getting through a broken ankle with grace. And the surest way to patience (or at least a sufficient amount of the stuff) is true and genuine gratitude for the things that went right in spite of what went wrong. Here’s my top 5 list, yours may vary which is more than okay – it’s not about being politically correct, just genuine.

  1. Emergency Services – from the dispatcher taking my 911 call, the EMTs getting me into the ambulance to the surgeon and OR staff fitting me in at the very end of their day I have a lot to be grateful for in the speed and care they gave me. There are a lot of places in this world where a broken ankle could easily become a life-changing injury due to lack of quick access to care.
  2. Painkillers – despite their current bad reputation, they have their time and place.  Dealing with severe trauma pain is one of them and I’m lucky to live in a first-world country with affordable access.
  3. Family – family/friends willing to drop everything to fetch a car left at the park ‘n ride, stay with you, fix meals, bring groceries, and feed animals are beyond price.
  4. Good Nurses – they simply don’t get enough credit for their patience and grace dealing with and cleaning up bodily fluids.
  5. The Internet – entertainment for sure, but also the ability to order things without having to leave the house, learn some knew skills and generally feel slightly productive without having to get out of bed. Even ten years ago much of this would be a pale imitation of what’s possible today.

That’s not really the end of the list, but enough for here. Articulating it helps to manage the frustration at not being able to get out in the garden or do all the things you used to take for granted. There are a few other things to make life a little better – look for them in Part 2!

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