Romance inspiration on the Washington State Ferries


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Story characters can come from anywhere but I have to say the Washington State Ferries are a particularly good source. First of all, there is a constantly changing crowd of strangers and there are always motorcycles, a mandatory starting point for bad boys (or girls).

There are families, new adults, and invariably at least one smooching couple headed to an island getaway (Perhaps unfairly, I still blame Snow Falling on Cedars for most of these.)

People move about on ferries: checking out the view, getting food or posing for single and group selfies. It’s pretty easy to park yourself on a bench and let the people and the ideas circulate.

That woman over there? – She’s probably just divorced and off to relish a solitary recovery weekend where maybe… she’ll run into the guy with the cute dog in the red truck on the upper deck. He’s tired of women not sticking around through the winter so he keeps to himself, but can’t stopĀ  from looking.


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