triangle pattern blue and orange

Playing with Pattern

If I were independently wealthy I would split my time between the garden and the studio all day, every day. I never feel quite worthy of the Adobe Creative Suite, and that’s the old version. So I’ve begun playing with a little more focus, making patterns and just seeing where things take me – if nothing else I’ll start remembering where things are in the menu a little better.  According to the International Home + Housewares Show, which kindly posts some of its presentations, triangles and orange/blue combinations will be big in 2018. So I made the above image, which I do not think will be big in 2018.  But I had fun. And I remembered how to rotate copies around a center point, and that you can in fact, align things without having to do it by eye. Those are simple things, but like a foreign language they fade ever so quickly if not used regularly. I have also resolved to be more disciplined in my cataloguing of complete images… we’ll see how that goes.

On the farm end, pattern is also big. The chickens are now six weeks old and look like half-sized hens.  They love my printed Muck Boots garden shoes which I’ve taken to wearing now that they make messes big enough to notice.  Did that pattern designer have any idea how attractive it would be to chickens?

chicks and shoes


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