Oh, How I Love Thee, Gardeners’ World

I am an addict. Starting on Friday night I start checking Youtube to see if anyone has posted the new episode of Gardeners’ World. Most of the time I end up watching it while eating breakfast on Saturday morning. But since I’m eight hours behind the UK,  there’s a chance, just a chance, that someone was feeling efficient and put it up early so I can’t resist checking.  Without those generous Youtube posters willing to skirt the legalities I would be desolate as I’ve yet to find another way to access  BBC gardening content from the US. I would gladly pay for it but the BBC has yet to give me the opportunity…

I originally found Gardeners’ World when recovering from major surgery – the kind where you’re not allowed to lift anything or go upstairs which means you can’t actually do anything. Which is fine, because you’re not up for much anyway. The show was enjoyable with my eyes closed or open! It’s a bit like poetry really, although if Carol was on, I did have to crack one lid to see what was currently ‘absolutely marvelous’ but then I could close it again and follow along from there. I did go back and watch everything with my eyes open later but by then I was hooked. The gentle pace and rhapsodies of plants had me dreaming and thinking of new opportunities. When I was back on my feet I found a whole new attitude waiting with my gardening boots.

I still come away feeling inspired, enthusiastic, and somehow relaxed. I can’t explain it. Despite having to do language translation (courgette = zucchini, aubergine = eggplant etc.) I feel at home. I want to go start seeds or take cuttings or mulch something. I listen attentively to the list of chores for the weekend so I can participate silently and from afar.

And then I discovered something marvelous this summer.  It actually happened back in December, but I was sadly ignorant back then to both the show and this momentous event.  In doing some checking into a random artists’ rebate thing that the UK has and for which I was eligible, I went to see if I could discover where my photos had been published. I only found one, but that turned out to be  this strangely marvelous synchronicity. A simple and not particularly exciting photograph of mine had appeared last December in Gardeners’ World magazine! It’s small, it’s towards the back, but my credit line is there.  In a tiny way I now exist in that utopia where good drainage solves almost everything and the seeds always sprout.

I have arrived.


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