crocus in snow

Nature’s Mad Dash to Spring

There’s something magical about the near last snow, right before Spring really hits. It’s almost like it’s intentionally done to decorate the hellebores and snowdrops that are bravely opening up. So despite the complaints, I find it rather cheerful, even when planting the fruit trees that just arrived in the mail and can’t wait another week.

And that is where we are at- burgeoning tasks of planting new arrivals, getting the tomatoes started from seed and planning for the first foray into chicken ownership. Nursery supplies have been stocked but not yet arranged for the happy arrivals on March 10th.

The native birds are busy too. The chickadees and towhees are emptying the feeder daily. At this very moment, Ella’s yard features four robins, one flicker, two towhees and a sparrow poking for worms. The smallest of the woodpeckers uses the old antenna to call for a mate while the pileated one hits the roofbeam of the garage.  Nesting seems to be on everyone’s mind.

I’m already late getting the sweet peas started…

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