Ella’s Page

smiling dogThis is Ella.  She’s a Labrerke Cattle Spaniel* (equal parts Lab, Schipperke, Australian Cattle Dog and Springer Spaniel). If you know at least two of those breeds, you can guess that she is bouncy. She is also a dog of strong opinions who likes to be in the middle of most everything. She’s thrilled with the move to Short Meadow which brought rabbits and decreased visits by the U.S. Mail considerably.

She stands by her product endorsements below. The affiliate links are in hopes of the occasional ice cream while waiting for the ferry. Don’t let her eyebrow spots charm you into buying something you don’t need. Especially, if you don’t even have a dog…


Ella’s Top Picks

Kong Wobbler for meals

*Human note – comfortably holds a full meal and dispenses at meal speed. For Ella that’s a max of 1.5 cups and rarely lands in a spot that needs intervention. The Wobbler is a tried and true favorite in our house.

Nina Ottosson Mix Max Puzzle Easy Level

Note: This was the 3rd time Ella was given this puzzle since she got it for Christmas (2 months ago). You can practically see her brain turning! The Mix Max Puzzle Easy Level can be expanded with more puzzle pieces as she figures it out. I used Trader Joe’s Charlee Bear treats in the cups – essentially liver-flavored oyster crackers.





*If you’re wondering where you too can find this extremely rare breed, Ella came from the Oregon Humane Society via the Second Chance Rescue of eastern Oregon. We both urge you to check a shelter for previously undocumented and utterly charming dog and cat breeds when looking for a new addition to the family.