Cozy (and busy) January

The deep freeze still has Short Meadow in its clutches. The weatherman promises that warmer weather and rain are coming in a day or two. Meanwhile Ella and I took a walk in the woods crunching on frozen sphagnum moss, still a brilliant chartreuse green in the sunlight.

Things are poised. The hellebore buds are showing color and the daffodils are testing the waters but not going any further until things warm up. It’s almost time to start seeds! And where to begin? Without a greenhouse things will have to either brave the outside or stack up in the back room. I will try to hold off until just the right moment.

Inside the forced hyacinths have taken off. The weight of the blossoms is practically tipping over the holders. Their heavy scent permeates the entire house, possibly too much for some but there are other bulb choices for the more delicate nose. It’s worth the $12.99 for a bag at Costco in the fall because the outcome is pretty much priceless in January.

Farm school is in just two more weeks – I don’t know what has me more excited, the class in mini cows (rapture!) or cider making (I hope there are samples).  Meanwhile, Ella’s nails get longer by the minute now that we are no longer walking on pavement. The dog nail grinder arrived from Amazon and we continue the lavishing of treats in hopes of actually using it sometime soon…


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