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Surviving a Broken Ankle Part 2

This being my first broken ankle and only my second broken bone, much of this may be old hat to those with more experience but I’ll say it anyway. Pie heals. If homemade pie isn’t possible and it probably isn’t, I highly recommend the Willamette Valley Pie Company (they ship and have really fabulous crust.) Once I knew I’d have to use a walker for more than a week, I tricked it out on Amazon. The items have helped with mobility and the color with…

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Surviving a Broken Ankle Part 1

It may sound like a platitude, in fact I know it does. It’s still true though. Patience is the number one requirement for getting through a broken ankle with grace. And the surest way to patience (or at least a sufficient amount of the stuff) is true and genuine gratitude for the things that went right in spite of what went wrong. Here’s my top 5 list, yours may vary which is more than okay – it’s not about being politically correct, just genuine. Emergency…

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New Year – New Habits

Despite having declared I would never get up any earlier than 5 am, I find myself setting the alarm clock for 4. I will do what it takes to realize my dreams and try just about anything to make myself more productive. I’m also resolving to really practice each thing before taking on six more, in the end it will be faster than switching gears so often. 2018 feels on the verge, of greatness, of disaster or something else but certainly not more of the…

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Relaxed, Elegant, and Slightly Dilapidated

This is my new mantra for my life. Gardens, interiors… myself – all could benefit from striving for this without going beyond. I discovered the phrase will looking about for inspiration for my entry way and browsing French interiors online as a possibility. While I thought I had borrowed the phrase directly it turns out that my brain did some mental adjusting to the original “relaxed, luxurious, and often ramshackle” found in a Telegraph article (the video section). So I guess this is my very…

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watercolor cyclamen

The Merry Month of May

I’ve given in and ordered more tomato seeds – the first seedlings succumbed to wind and cold temperatures. The second batch may not do any better but at least I’ll have tried. Meanwhile the chickens are awaiting their new (and expensive) run. I was going to build one but then I threw my back out so in the interest of time, predator prevention, and getting other things done I got out my credit card. A rhubarb crisp is in the oven as I write, technically…

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The delights of ‘forest bathing’

I can’t say whether this is synchronicity at work or signs of the next emerging “thing”.¬† The Japanese call it Shinrin-Yoku which translates as forest bathing or more accurately forest therapy. The concept is that time spent in the forest is healing – from the phytochemicals¬† released by the trees to the soothingly calm atmosphere. I am wholeheartedly behind the concept even though I prefer a more casual approach. In just the last few weeks I’ve come across this relatively new term (the Japanese formalized…

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Healthy Hedonism coming your way

Coziness is the new trend. And it doesn’t even require any new equipment. Lately I’ve been seeing the word Hygge everywhere. I won’t even try to tell you how to pronounce it. Youtube has lots of native-speaking Danes who can help you! I’ve heard it described as healthy hedonism or the ultimate cozy factor – cats and cake are hygge as are fluffy throws and candlelight. Coming on the heels of the Magic of Tidying Up you might wonder if it’s going in a different…

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Cozy (and busy) January

The deep freeze still has Short Meadow in its clutches. The weatherman promises that warmer weather and rain are coming in a day or two. Meanwhile Ella and I took a walk in the woods crunching on frozen sphagnum moss, still a brilliant chartreuse green in the sunlight. Things are poised. The hellebore buds are showing color and the daffodils are testing the waters but not going any further until things warm up. It’s almost time to start seeds! And where to begin? Without a…

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