A Little Digital Gardening

The weather here at Short Meadow has been discouragingly cold recently. Even the houseplants are shivering in their pots. So not much is happening outside.  The ground is frozen and the partially built dining table waits to be assembled in the open air shop. The chores that could be done, like clearing blackberry brambles, are even less appealing than they were a month ago.

It’s an ideal time of year though, to take to the computer and start creating colorful, happy images. The act of creating is always uplifting once the initial hurdles are overcome and there are always challenges. I only got into Adobe Illustrator because of writing. I needed Photoshop and InDesign so it was just cheaper to buy the entire creative package. Then I decided I needed a really inexpensive cover for a story. I made that and started playing around with other things.  I was instantly hooked.  Flowers bloom at the end of my stylus and a click can create an endlessly repeating bower of tropical blooms.

Right now I’m busy setting up for print on demand items from t-shirts to shower curtains. It’s an experiment but one well worth taking. Maybe someone else’s winter will be warmed by an orange tree…

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