Snow over meadow

A Festive Weekend

It snowed this weekend. Beautifully soft, it decorated the evergreens just enough to highlight the branches. Ella and I declared a snow day – she snorfled with her jingle bell collar on and chased balls in the yard while I settled in on the couch to do ahem… ‘research’ with a silly romance novel involving hot were-dragons. If the kids can have a day off school on a weekday then surely adults deserve a day free from (most) chores when it snows on the weekend!

By Sunday the snow was gone. The ‘need to use that’ contents of the refrigerator was on the agenda. Alcohol always helps – for the recipe, not the cook, but feel free to try both presuming you’re old enough.

These cranberries had seen better days but now you’d never know it.

Cranberry sauce recipe

Boozy Cranberry Sauce

For this  sauce – wash and pick over fresh cranberries. Take out anything that is squishy, brown, or at the bottom of the bowl (cranberries are supposed to float).

2. Put the cranberries in a pot and add about an inch of cheap red wine (Merlot, Shiraz or port work well.) The alcohol will burn off so this is still family friendly once done although it may be more of an adult taste.

3. Add sugar – this is a matter of preference but I used 1 cup for about 5 cups of berries. The wine adds some, but people may still like their sauce more or less sour. Start with less because you can always add more.

4. Cook over medium heat until the berries have popped, just make sure the bottom stays wet (the wine should take care of this until the berries give up their juice)

Cool and serve or store.  Try it on a toasted bagel for breakfast 🙂  You won’t look back.



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