Mini Cows Everywhere (or so it seems)

Things have been busy. But I’m excited to say that a Christmas short story (A Mini Cow Christmas) is close to being ready for publication – the inherent pun between mini cows and short stories is unintentional,  but duly noted.) It will pick up with Tess and Nate from The Trouble With Mini Cows a few years later.  The next full book in the series is roughly 20% along but hey, it has a title (The Trouble With Brendan) AND a cover which is saying…

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New Books!

I’m thrilled to finally be able to say I’ve published a full-length romance!  The Trouble With Mini Cows is now available on Amazon. It should be most other places ebooks are sold in December. To celebrate, it will also be free on Amazon from Sept. 5-9, 2014, that’s Friday to Tuesday for those that have already lost track of the days. A print version will be coming shortly, probably in early October. And speaking of… the print version of Amy’s Amazing Adventures (Across Time and…

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Healthy Creativity

If I didn’t know better I would happily exist on a diet of bread, cheese, fruit and chocolate. I’d make allowances for a pie vegetable like rhubarb as long as the sugar was implied. But I do know better <sigh> and so like the grownup I pretend to be I buy vegetables that sit in the crisper until they aren’t, while I graze on everything more appetizing higher up in the fridge. Lately though, I’ve been doing better. Not through will power or self motivation…

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rushing water

Folding It All In

With this blog I’m bucking most of the conventional wisdom on the internet right now regarding successful blogging. I’m not doing it because I think I know better than the experts, but because I’m wired for pursuing multiple careers simultaneously while getting the same 24 hours a day as everyone else.  It’s just who I am and I have fun doing it. I write, make jewelry, and take photographs. And those are just the things that I feel passionate about being in business with. Hobbies…

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Dreaming of Tiny Houses… And Mini Cows

A disclaimer on the image above -those are full-sized cattle. I don’t yet have any pictures of my own of true mini cows… According to my mother, I have had a fascination with cows since about the age of six weeks. I can’t explain it to this day but I still really like them and many of the bovine persuasion return the favor. I’ve even had my face washed by a friendly cow in Switzerland – not an experience I sought (or hope to repeat)…

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white orchid

Someday I Want To:

I’ve checked off quite a few things on my goal list over the years – I’ve been to Ireland (3 times!), bought a house, hunted for gemstones and a host of other things. There’s always more to dream of and achieve and I believe in putting it out there. Here are some of the big items still undone on my list. Goal Status Live on the beach Spend a year living somewhere exotic Hike through the Olympic National Park Drive to Alaska Develop a new…

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Finding Love Online

This is Ella. I talk about her a lot so you might as well meet her now. I was lucky enough to be the one that got to adopt her from the Oregon Humane Society where she ended up after being picked up as a puppy in eastern Oregon. I fell in love with the online profile of the goofy-faced, long-tongued baby that looked like she was half Muppet. Someone else already had plans to adopt her but, through divine intervention I’m sure, that fell…

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